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Meet the artist – Andrea Hasler


04 Nov Meet the artist – Andrea Hasler

How the pope lost her to the world of arts. This is Andrea Hasler’s inspiring career story.

Your childhood dream job?

I was fascinated by the dedication of nuns.

Your first job?

Beside the usual part time jobs to get myself through Art College: Artist Assistant, where I learned an incredible amount of life-skills.

Your current job?

Sculptural Installation Artist.

What makes your current job your dream job?

The dream-job element is the luxury of spending a large amount of time on ideas that occupy my mind and the flexibility of working for myself.

As any self-employed person will agree, it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to work independently. An important element is admitting to one self when help or a different perspective is needed. Over the years, I have built up a great pool of experts in different fields that I consult with for specific projects and needs. I combine my work in the studio with lecturing and holding educational art-workshops to give myself a lose framework of structure.

But honestly, it wasn’t really a choice as such. I always knew that expressing myself in this way was the most natural progression of my character and any other alternatives in the creative field seemed limiting. The start was hard and a learning curve, but I also feel very lucky to have found my medium early on.

Besides a lot of sweat and commitment, how did you make your dream come true?

Through ambition combined with total dedication!

I have also been very fortunate to meet people along the way who really believe in my work and who opened doors. Art may be a necessity for me, but ultimately it’s a luxury to have. I decided that if I want to make this work, it has to be on my terms and also to simply enjoy the process. The clearer I express this, the easier my journey has become. At the beginning, I often wondered how a ‘real’ artist would deal with certain situations. As my confidence grew, I stopped doing this and just approach it how it works best for me. This makes it more enjoyable for myself but has also made it much smoother with the opportunities that present themselves, as people appreciate and value authenticity. I am not trying to be anyone else than me. Being an artist requires a certain element of selfishness to fully engage in the creative process and I still find this the biggest juggling act to combine with family life.

Your words of inspiration for those still looking for their dream job?

My advice would be to think outside the box: to narrow down what you really enjoy doing in life and what are the important factors that make you content and then widen the search radius to combine as many as possible elements of this. Finding a dream-job is a fluid process and requires courage and honesty, but then life is too short to spend the majority of time doing something that does not fulfil you, or did once but no longer does, so reassessing and reevaluating are important elements too.

Check out Andrea’s work:

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