May their dreams come true! - Love my job
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May their dreams come true!


09 Feb May their dreams come true!

Wow, this really touched us! It might be hard to imagine for us, who tend to quarrel with the little discomfort of our daily job routine. But despite the more than difficult situation these Syrian girls are confronted with, they have big dreams when it comes to the professionals they want to become one day.

Vision Not Victim’s Meredith Hutchison met young girls in Jordan based refugee camps and asked them about their dream jobs. Posing and commenting as their grown-up future selves, here is what some of them said. We think, quite impressive!


Muntaha, 12 – Photographer


Photo: Meredith Hutchison

„Since I was a young girl, I loved taking people’s photographs. I loved going to different events and documenting what was happening—both the good and bad. Now, as a professional photographer, I use my images to inspire hope in others – to encourage love and understanding.“


Amani, 12 – Pilot


Photo: Meredith Hutchison

„I love planes. Even before I had ever been on a plane, I knew I wanted to be a pilot. Flying is adventurous and exciting. When I was younger, my brother always told me that a girl can’t be a pilot, but I knew deep down this is what I wanted to do. I finished my studies and found a way to get to flight school. Now, not only do I get to live my dream, but I also get to help people travel, to see the world, and discover new places.“


Hinab, 9 – Doctor


Photo: Meredith Hutchison

“I have always wanted to help children, and this is what drove me to be a pediatrician. I am kind and loving, and therefore an excellent doctor that children can trust.”


Haja, 12 – Astronaut


Photo: Meredith Hutchison

“Ever since we studied the solar system in primary school, I have wanted to be an astronaut. I would imagine myself up in the sky discovering new things. I love being an astronaut because it lets me see the world from a new angle. In this society my path was not easy – many people told me a girl can’t become an astronaut. Now that I have achieved my goals, I would tell young girls with aspirations to not be afraid, to talk to their parents about what they want and why, to always be confident and know where you want to go.”