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Vernon Deck – Hunting those epic moments


16 Feb Vernon Deck – Hunting those epic moments

Wanted to become F1 driver, worked as mushroom farmer and construction worker and now travels the world to capture great moments on film. Meet Vernon Deck, traveller and photographer.

Your childhood dream job?

I always wanted to be a Formula 1 driver. I kept this dream till I was about 14 then I grew very fast and was too tall.

Your first job?

I quit High School when I was 15 and went to work in a mushroom factory.

Your current job?

I am a freelance photographer specialising in action sports, outdoors and lifestyle. I have been contracted by Volcom Stone, a popular clothing brand for the past 10 years.

What makes it your dream job?

I get to travel the world, I work with talented, artistic people, I have freedom to create, it never get’s boring!

Besides a lot of sweat and commitment, how did you make your dream come true?

In 1997 I moved to Switzerland and committed everything to making something happen with photography. The next 4 years I took photos in winter (traveled, built networks, learnt and spent money) and during summer worked on construction sites to pay off my credit card. Since 2001 I have been making a good living doing what I love. I’m still learning, evolving and trying to challenge myself. This year I started a YouTube channel showing weekly videos of how and what goes into doing my job.

Your words of inspiration for those still looking for their dream job?

Some things have become clearer as I’ve gotten older:

#1: No one is going to build your life for you.

#2: Time is something money can’t buy.

#3: Being happy as a person is more important than fulfilling expectations of others.

#4: Risk is something to embrace as without taking a risk you will miss out on many opportunities.

Check out Vernon’s YouTube Channel, his Blog or follow him on Instagram @vernondeck

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