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Author: vvkey


06 Nov Xaver Walser – Filmmaker

"My dream was to one-day "when I am big", travel the world with a camera and make a living by telling truthful stories that make a difference in peoples lives. Today I am a filmmaker and doing exactly that. It's long not a dream anymore." Your...

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04 Nov Meet the artist – Andrea Hasler

How the pope lost her to the world of arts. This is Andrea Hasler's inspiring career story. Your childhood dream job? I was fascinated by the dedication of nuns. Your first job? Beside the usual part time jobs to get myself through Art College: Artist Assistant, where I learned...

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02 Nov Joachim Bodmer – Mister Openair Frauenfeld

Wenn sich Hip-Hop-Grössen wie Snoop Dogg, Jay Z und Deichkind die Klinke in die Hand geben, verschmelzen für ihn die Grenzen zwischen Job und Freizeit. Dies ist Joachim Bodmer's Inspiring Career Story. [vc_separator type="transparent" position="center" up="2" down="0"][blockquote text="Ich hatte keinen Traumjob. Mein Traum war es, nicht...

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