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09 Feb May their dreams come true!

Wow, this really touched us! It might be hard to imagine for us, who tend to quarrel with the little discomfort of our daily job routine. But despite the more than difficult situation these Syrian girls are confronted with, they have big dreams when it...

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14 Nov Katie Peitsch – Craft Beer Brewer

Left big pharma to make her and our dreams come true. Especially on hot summer days. Cheers! Your childhood dream job? Archeologist or paleontologist. Your first job? Lab technician in a medical device company (first job after my undergraduate degree). Your current job? Brewer (plus production planning, sales, events, etc.). What makes...

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04 Nov Meet the artist – Andrea Hasler

How the pope lost her to the world of arts. This is Andrea Hasler's inspiring career story. Your childhood dream job? I was fascinated by the dedication of nuns. Your first job? Beside the usual part time jobs to get myself through Art College: Artist Assistant, where I learned...

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